About Praxis

Time is the only truly scarce resource in the world today, as the speed of business increases, the premium placed on the creation of actionable information that generates and sustains corporate advantage increases accordingly. Praxis is focused on perfecting information in support of management decisions. Our approach entails the continuous analysis of the nexus between the state-of-the-art in business theory and best practices - praxis.

Praxis' business consulting services are grounded in its understanding of the nature and logic of capitalism and the social geography over which this form of socio-economic organization ranges. Our experience includes providing expert guidance and management decision-support to many of the world's largest information technology (IT), communications and electronics & telecommunications, aerospace and defense & professional services, construction, and government organizations as well as supporting some of the most ambitious technological, organizational and business paradigm shifts of recent years.

Praxis provides its services and products to a broad range of telecommunications, information technology (IT), government agencies, and other commercial entities.