Praxis Center

PraxisCenter is the information exchange nexus of the PSI environment, it is here that the academic, business, and social interactions that we believe offer insights into new market opportunities and the establishment of new sources of competitive and comparative advantage are located for public viewing and dissemination. This center of excellence in business information is not service or product driven, the objective is to advance the business frontier, to improve decisionmaking, and illuminate the dark spaces of imperfect information through the development of new understandings and tools for business analysis and advancement.

  • Praxis Series - Tracks market developments and innovations in business that impact the world of work and decisions
  • Federal Relevance - produced for our Federal customer set, this monthly publication seeks to bring the wider events of the market into focus for the government market, special attention is given to
  • Federal Alert - is an aperiodic email alert offered as a sub-set to Federal Relevance

Aperiodically Praxis posts works that comprise on-going research endeavors on issues of importance to the our customers and the long-term business objectives as part of the Praxis Series.