Praxis is a leading provider of price-to-win (PTW) analysis work products across the commercial, federal, state and international markets. Praxis has been a leading innovator in both the art and science of PTW practices in the market for two decades. Our innovations in win probability assessment and statistical modeling, as well as our exploration of gaming theory and reality modeling, have become industry standard benchmarks for this type of analysis. Our proven 15-Step PTW methodology has been applied and refined across approximately 1250 engagements to date—varying in size from less than $5M to more than $50B in total life-cycle value.

Praxis’ approach cost effectively tailors PTW methodology to the specifics of the opportunity and the competitive threats arrayed against our clients in the field of competition. The result is a more accurate, timely and actionable PTW analysis, grounded in the specifics of the market and based on our deep and wide-ranging experience. In addition to independent modeling and analysis, Praxis has trained thousands in PTW methodology, pricing strategy, and capture management, ranging from one-on-one mentoring programs to specialized large-group curriculum.

Praxis’ Experience