Capture Management Training

Praxis provides a complete range of strategic capture management training products. Our training packages are generally tailored to the specific business interests of our clients. We provide these packages in both executive and general user formats. In addition to our standard suite of training packages we provide custom training development for specific opportunity capture and market segments on an as needed basis for our clients. The Praxis Capture Management Training includes 8 distinct separately priced volumes, each with an executive and general user version. These packages include:

  • Volume 1 - Capture Management - Competitive Intelligence Collection
  • Volume 2 - Capture Management - Business Development & Strategic Capture
  • Volume 3 - Capture Management - Competitive Analysis (CA)
  • Volume 4 - Capture Management - Price-To-Win (PTW)
  • Volume 5 - Capture Management - Performance-Based Contracting (PBC)
  • Volume 6 - Capture Management - Design to Cost (DTC) and Cost As an Independent Variable (CAIV)
  • Volume 7 - Capture Management - Pricing Strategies and Gaming Technics
  • Volume 8 - Capture Management - Reading and RFP