Mergers and Acquisition Support

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an important part of business development success. Praxis provides a number of key pieces of M&A support both commercially and for the federal government market. One of the key challenges for any company is deciding how to enter a new market or how to expand rapidly into an existing market. M&A is one possible way to answer this challenge. Praxis has been involved in pre-qualifying companies for interested parties for a number of years. Prequalification involves first (if done rationally) a detailed understanding of the acquirers own interests and objectives for its business and then evaluating potential targets on the basis of their ability to support the strategic or tactical business objectives of the acquirer.

Once pre-qualification is complete and a target has been selected due diligence and individual and combined pro forma business cases need to be developed, each of which requires substantial understanding of current operating markets, the prevailing competitive situation, customer preferences, and underlying cost/price structures if the merger is to have a chance of being successful and creating value.

Praxis has long supported each of these types of requirements, making us an ideal participant in the M&A process. Upon the consummation of a merger or acquisition Praxis continues to support the new entity in the execution of its proposed combined business plan. Our long history of supporting companies in the program management and execution of major programs/projects/and business initiatives makes Praxis the ideal partner for unlocking M&A potential.