Competitive Intelligence and Analysis

The practice of gathering intelligence and analyzing the accumulated data for the purposes of decision-making is almost ageless. Praxis specializes in business intelligence and analysis services for the information technology, telecommunications, and military systems marketplaces. We have developed unmatched competitive analysis pricing support capabilities or what is more commonly referred to as the "price to win" analysis. We further specialize in the government marketplace and international projects each tending toward significant public sector content.

Praxis typically supports a single bidder for a major program or project on an opportunity-exclusive basis. We view our mission as that of providing your capture team with bid input that focuses the understanding of the competitive threats faced and develops strategies for mitigating those threats. This includes development of detailed likely competitor pricing with potential and probable bid gaming effects factored into the recommend "should price" such that your company captures the opportunity and has a roadmap to profitable program execution or makes a informed business decision about its interests in sustaining an opportunity pursuit.

Successful competitive intelligence and analysis is a polymathic discipline that includes elements of many different fields. Praxis brings to bear the appropriate skill-sets from its established stable of independent experts thereby helping to ensure that no aspect of a competitive situation is under-understood from a comparative competitive threat perspective.

Competitive and comparative analysis can be distinct from a specific opportunity competition, in which case the focus is typically on developing a comparison of capabilities, current pricing, investment behavior, customer satisfaction and expectations, et al thereby illuminating the decision-making practices of a targeted company. Often this activity precedes the development of a strategic plan or the consideration of new investment or product development activities. Praxis provides a range of primary research activities (surveys, questionnaires, cognoscenti interviews, etc.)

Praxis' has a standard approach to competitive analysis that is refined continuously through a rigorous and recursive process of transforming experience into new repeatable understanding. Our three-phase process, each phase consisting of seven distinct elements, is outlined below:

  • Phase I: DRFP and/or RFP - Initial opportunity and competitive analysis, target selection
  • Phase II: Pre-BAFO Initial Submission - Ungamed "should price" analysis
  • Phase III: BAFO Gamed "should price" and strategic decision guidance

The competitive analysis process is organically linked to the overall capture process, providing opportunity capture managers and the core team with critical decision support data. Praxis supports all aspects of opportunity capture, in addition to the fundamental role that competitive analysis plays in the bidding process.

Throughout this 3-phase process, Praxis continually refines its assumptions, attributed technical and management approaches, and pricing inputs.