Opportunity Strategy Facilitation

Praxis has developed a suite of facilitation techniques to advance corporate decision-making for a range of business support functions from executive management decisions such as merger and acquisition (M&A) target selection, business case/plan, and assumed synergies and efficiencies to major program/opportunity capture efforts in which a diverse set of participants (multiple companies and personalities) need to establish a baseline strategy and opportunity understanding from which build a solution and winning approach. This typically includes development of detailed facilitation program that attempts to both extract from participants what they know and believe about the opportunity, the customer, the competition et al and to challenge prevailing assumptions with regard to all of these in and effort to produce the outlines of a viable program capture strategy. The most common output of this process at the opportunity capture level is a draft executive summary setting the tone, major themes and discriminators, and the top-level technical solution and associated concept of operations for the program. Experience has shown that this early investment improves captures success.